Hi Im Louise, or Lou

I want everyone who books a session to feel at home and have an enjoyable, welcoming experience. I adore working with children and families. A mum myself I know the waves of motherhood well (we are just hitting the teen years so I won't fully comment on those as yet) But family, friendship, community and connection are so important on this journey. I don't ever take for granted the privilege of photographing a families story. From the first few days of your brand new baby or the moment you say I do. It is our beautiful life and what a joy it is to capture and be part of.

I am a creative at heart, wether it's photography, music, gardening or rearranging the house much to the annoyance of my houshold, I need to be doing something. I love my family, my wellies, my camera, cups of coffee, baby cuddles, walks with friends and being outdoors.

It is a pleasure to have you here, let's make memories!

Lou x

HND photography

HNC childhood practice

(family photo by the lovely Beth Hopkins Photography)